Charlie + Mina Vet Day

Taking both dogs to the vet at the same time has proven to be a two person job. The first time, I went alone and felt like I was going to pull my hair out. Both dogs were crying and running around for lack of attention and anxiety. Today’s visit was much more relaxing with the help of my super awesome husband. It is always a guess as to what our bill will be at the vet. We pay per month so we do get a discount every visit but that does not seem to offset our Charlie-pants’ special needs. He is a hypo-allergenic dog that is allergic to everything. Ironic? The total today seemed to be an all time low around $34 for one dose of heart-worm medicine for Mina and some hypo-allergenic shampoo for Charlie. After listening to our vet, a very sweet lady with a thick Dutch accent, go on a rant about how the expensive dog food that we’ve sworn by for the past two years has been proven to cause liver issues in dogs….we walked over to the pet store and spent another $60 on new food for both dogs. Now our $34 trip to the vet is really a $94 trip. To top it off, we were both tired and craving fast food. We stopped to get subs–another $10. So, all in all a trip to the vet for two dogs $104. Good? Lets just say we love our fur-children. Cheers!


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