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Did somone say treat?!

This weekend I tried my hand at some homemade DIY treats that will make your four-legged friends love you even more!

I always walk by those expensive doggy bakeries and wonder why can’t I do that? My goal was to make it happen! Armed with a two page list of dog friendly ingredients, I had plans to make 5 different treats from scratch. The holiday madness started to get to me in the store so I quickly grabbed the goods to make one variety and found an enticing DIY dog treat kit. I thought, why not… someone has to try these!

After a few hours with two very anxious dogs and a helpful husband, voilà! Find out more about these treats below!

Homemade DIY dog treats

Homemade DIY doggy treats

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DIY Leash Holder

I absolutely love this idea! I purchased two of these cute little dog butt leash holders years ago at IKEA. They are super cute and retro. Believe it or not the lime green and bright orange match my current decor. While scouring through Pinterest, my most recent obsession… I found these DIY holder using the IKEA dog butt hooks I already have! So easy but so unique! Definitely converting mine as soon as possible!

DIY doggy butt leash holder

The DIY leash holder!



I don’t know about you all, but this week has been SO LONG and trying. I have had a week from hell, well the past few weeks – wait the past year at work has been pretty much hell.

On that note, I’d like to point out another character in my life besides my four legged children. My husband is the most patient, kind, understanding person in the world – he deals with me on a daily basis. He deals with my bitching, my crying, my somewhat bi-polar like emotions. I have never NOT been stressed. My entire life. We have had a lot going on in our lives the past year or so and it is catching up with me. I have been in a weird place with my career ever since I accepted my current position. Travis, my husband, supports me in whatever my goal of the week, day, hour becomes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G man. I have no idea how I got so lucky but he picked me to spend the rest of his life with and I sometimes feel like he wants to hang himself when I’m on a rant about work or whatever I’m bitching about that second. Together, we have decided that I expect too much out of everything, everyone, and every situation and that I need to be content with less. Not everyone is as “perfect” as me. HAHA. RI-GHT. But seriously, I do expect people to take ownership of crap and I am usually sadly let down. I need to join the masses and start not giving a crap. NO, that is not the solution…. BUT learning to not let small things bother me and affect mine and my husbands sanity would be a good start.

Anywho, I know this seems like a random post for a blog titled WagToday, but it really isn’t that off the wall. My point is that I have an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally aside from how successful I am in my career or how much money I’m bringing in. That shouldn’t be enough, it IS enough. I am going to wag my tail today because life is good. My crappy career situation is only one aspect of my life…not what makes my life wonderful.<3 you Travis



Find your “Stick” in life

Isn’t it funny how dogs are perfectly happy with a dirty old stick? I find it absolutely refreshing. Why can’t we be that satisfied with basically nothing? One of my goals for my life is to become content with a less. I don’t know about you, but my life has become increasingly more chaotic as the years have passed and I am only 25. I can not imagine raising actual human kids in this chaotic lifestyle we have surrounded ourselves with. Aside from being less complicated… we all need to find those simple things in life that make us run around the yard like a puppy with a stick.

If you could wipe away all of your responsibilities for a week, get rid of all worry over bills, not have any unexpected interruptions, and had no limit on what you could do… what would you do? Would you go sit and read on the beach? Would you take long walks with your family? Would you go fishing? Would you paint? Whatever it is… you should know what those things are in life that make you happiest. Sometimes the simple little things that enhance our lives get overlooked and downplayed. Without them, would you be the same?

I know I would not be the same without my love of art. When I am feeling overwhelmed and need to bring myself down to reality, I pick up a paint brush. It makes me so happy to be completely free… Sorta like Charlie and Mina when they find a new stick. It is the best thing in  the world to them!

When you’ve found that special thing in life… don’t let go!

In Honor of ALL Veterans!

Honor ALL Veterans today

Honor ALL Veterans today!

I am so grateful for everything that every military man and woman does for us in this country. We often forget that our country is only this great thanks to the men and women who risk their lives every single day for us.

Thinking about all of the sacrifices made by our military is overwhelming…especially when thinking of all the tiny things that we complain about in our daily lives. We are all guilty of it – being unhappy with life when things are actually peachy keen.  I find it extremely humbling.

I hope you all will join me in honoring all of our military today… including the military dogs. We all can take a lesson of inspiration from this picture.

Thought I’d share this little poem I found from a friend on facebook today:

May no Soldier go unloved
May no Soldier walk alone
May no Soldier be forgotten until they all come home

Raise a glass to all the military men, women, and dogs in your life! Cheers to you all!

Pet Photography

Although I took several photography classes in college, I still consider myself an amatuer picture taker. My father in law gave us a nice Canon digital SLR for a wedding gift. My goal is to learn how to use it! What better subjects to start with than my furr children. From my short experience with this particular camera, I think the key is patience with dog shots. Charlie and Mina were more interested in smelling and licking the camera than posing and seeming happy for my photo shoot. You would think they don’t understand English at all!

I sat down in the mulch during lunch and just waited for the dogs to settle. After about 20 minutes of waiting, they finally started to look like their cute natural selves that I was trying to capture. They look so calm and innocent in these pictures. Very deceiving!

Throughout the growth of the blog, hopefully you will see some improvement in my pet photography! I really enjoyed taking these of the dogs. Maybe a new side career?? Petsmart does it, why not me!

Happy Wednesday!

I spent 40 minutes during lunch today playing with the pups outside. It is almost 70 degrees in November! I love it. I am wagging my tail today.