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Santa’s Coming! Ideas For Your Furry Babies –

There are so many gifts out there for dogs. What to choose? These are some of our favorite picks for this year. Enjoy!

Christmas gifts for your furry friend


For  a mere $160 you can get an eco-friendly bed for your pooch.

Durable cotton canvas filled with fluffy fiber made from 100% recycled plastic and channel quilted to keep the filling in place.

We love these color options as well!

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2. Kong Squiggle Toys

Charlie and Mina love soft stuffed toys but they destroy them within seconds. These Kong toys are the perfect for the destructive dog who still likes to cuddle with a soft baby.

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3. Tuff-Loopy Man Toy

Adorable toy from Frontgate. What more can we say? Your dog needs him!

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4. All-natural Dog Treats in Retro Tin

Bacon flavor treats from Frontgate. We love the cute tins too!

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5. Holiday Bow Collar

I think Mina needs one of these! It comes in green too.

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The Adventures of Mina

Mina has discovered she can fit through our fence and into the neighbors yard where their 185 pound bull-mastiff named Annabelle lives. Awesome. Not so much.

This morning, while I was rushing around the house getting ready to leave for work, I’m calling the dogs to come in the house… Charlie comes flying in the house as he knows a treat is waiting for him for listening like a good dog! Mina on the other hand is MIA. I call her again as I’m putting on mascara. Two minutes later, no Mina. I’m starting to get irritated… where is this dog? I need to be walking out the door… like NOW. Finally, I’m ready to go, I walk outside to look for Mina. I expect her to be sleeping in a pile of leaves or something. No sign of her…. anywhere. Shit. Travis is going to kill me if I lost her. Suddenly, I see movement, in the NEIGHBORS yard! MINA! I’m frantically trying to get to her before the neighbors horse for a dog gets let out for the morning. I find a hole in the fence seemingly wide enough to wedge her through, coax her with a treat and finally Mina is not MIA anymore. Surely this was traumatic for her and she won’t do it again.

During lunch today the exact same thing happened again. Dang it. Now there are several mounds of flower pots along our fence line blocking anything that looks wide enough for a squirrel to fit through.

Will keep you posted on how this works. Luckily Annabelle is big and slow…she is just very large and scary looking.

The Time Mina Played Chicken with a Car

Thursday started out a normal day… I woke up, showered, fed the dogs, etc, etc. I took some time out of my morning to finish a wreath for the front door and hang it up. While I was hanging the wreath, Mina sneaked her way out the front door. It did not take me long to realize she was sitting in the front yard looking at me all innocent like. I’m thinking, what a good girl not leaving the yard. Yes, she went outside without me but ya know she was hanging out in the yard. I was ok with that.

The second I stepped foot outside that little booger took off running down the street. She was at least three houses in front of me…I forgot to mention that it is freezing and I have no shoes or jacket on…. I would get about 2 feet from her, lunge for her and she would take off again. It was clearly a game for her. She was having a blast while I was becoming more agitated. The inevitable happened and she decided the road was a better place to run from mommy than the neighbors front yards. As she is playing in the road, an oblivious woman comes flying down our street. I am jumping up and down waving my arms and screaming like a lunatic to get her to stop so I can grab Mina… this woman just waves to me like I was being a friendly neighbor. I knew it. This was it. Mina was going to get hit. At the last second Mina decided to run back into our front yard, thank goodness because the woman had no intention of stopping. I think chased Mina around the car for a solid 5 more minutes until I finally pounced on her, spanked her butt, told her BAD GIRL and slung her furry butt back inside. I was so upset and mad at the same time.

Charlie never did this sort of thing. My parents are trying to convince me that Charlie was an abnormally easy puppy and Mina is the norm. Either way, I am glad she is safe but I will definitely be more careful with opening the front door next time.