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In Honor of ALL Veterans!

Honor ALL Veterans today

Honor ALL Veterans today!

I am so grateful for everything that every military man and woman does for us in this country. We often forget that our country is only this great thanks to the men and women who risk their lives every single day for us.

Thinking about all of the sacrifices made by our military is overwhelming…especially when thinking of all the tiny things that we complain about in our daily lives. We are all guilty of it – being unhappy with life when things are actually peachy keen.  I find it extremely humbling.

I hope you all will join me in honoring all of our military today… including the military dogs. We all can take a lesson of inspiration from this picture.

Thought I’d share this little poem I found from a friend on facebook today:

May no Soldier go unloved
May no Soldier walk alone
May no Soldier be forgotten until they all come home

Raise a glass to all the military men, women, and dogs in your life! Cheers to you all!