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The Adventures of Mina

Mina has discovered she can fit through our fence and into the neighbors yard where their 185 pound bull-mastiff named Annabelle lives. Awesome. Not so much.

This morning, while I was rushing around the house getting ready to leave for work, I’m calling the dogs to come in the house… Charlie comes flying in the house as he knows a treat is waiting for him for listening like a good dog! Mina on the other hand is MIA. I call her again as I’m putting on mascara. Two minutes later, no Mina. I’m starting to get irritated… where is this dog? I need to be walking out the door… like NOW. Finally, I’m ready to go, I walk outside to look for Mina. I expect her to be sleeping in a pile of leaves or something. No sign of her…. anywhere. Shit. Travis is going to kill me if I lost her. Suddenly, I see movement, in the NEIGHBORS yard! MINA! I’m frantically trying to get to her before the neighbors horse for a dog gets let out for the morning. I find a hole in the fence seemingly wide enough to wedge her through, coax her with a treat and finally Mina is not MIA anymore. Surely this was traumatic for her and she won’t do it again.

During lunch today the exact same thing happened again. Dang it. Now there are several mounds of flower pots along our fence line blocking anything that looks wide enough for a squirrel to fit through.

Will keep you posted on how this works. Luckily Annabelle is big and slow…she is just very large and scary looking.



I don’t know about you all, but this week has been SO LONG and trying. I have had a week from hell, well the past few weeks – wait the past year at work has been pretty much hell.

On that note, I’d like to point out another character in my life besides my four legged children. My husband is the most patient, kind, understanding person in the world – he deals with me on a daily basis. He deals with my bitching, my crying, my somewhat bi-polar like emotions. I have never NOT been stressed. My entire life. We have had a lot going on in our lives the past year or so and it is catching up with me. I have been in a weird place with my career ever since I accepted my current position. Travis, my husband, supports me in whatever my goal of the week, day, hour becomes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G man. I have no idea how I got so lucky but he picked me to spend the rest of his life with and I sometimes feel like he wants to hang himself when I’m on a rant about work or whatever I’m bitching about that second. Together, we have decided that I expect too much out of everything, everyone, and every situation and that I need to be content with less. Not everyone is as “perfect” as me. HAHA. RI-GHT. But seriously, I do expect people to take ownership of crap and I am usually sadly let down. I need to join the masses and start not giving a crap. NO, that is not the solution…. BUT learning to not let small things bother me and affect mine and my husbands sanity would be a good start.

Anywho, I know this seems like a random post for a blog titled WagToday, but it really isn’t that off the wall. My point is that I have an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally aside from how successful I am in my career or how much money I’m bringing in. That shouldn’t be enough, it IS enough. I am going to wag my tail today because life is good. My crappy career situation is only one aspect of my life…not what makes my life wonderful.<3 you Travis